Sparrow Film Project

It starts with a three week, three minute movie making experience

The Sparrow Film Project started as a film making contest in Astoria, New York. A rag-tag group of artists came together and picked made-up movie titles out of a hat. Based on the title picked, each participant had three weeks to make a three minute film. We screened all of the finished films and held an awards ceremony at The Sparrow Tavern


The Films

Every film is as unique as our filmmakers.


SFP 14
Fall 2017, September 24th

  • Best Costume Ava Forte Vitali for “The Professor’s Lesson

  • Best Screenplay Matt Weiss for “Styx & Stones

  • Best Supporting Actor John Warren as Bonbon in “Bonbon

  • Best Sound Design Ryan Collins for “Zimbabwe 2

  • Best Original Score Taylor Bridges for “Uncertainty Principle”

  • Best Supporting Actress Stephanie St.Hilaire as Dr. Julie in “Super Nova”

  • Best Editing Josh Petrino for “Margarita Kill”

  • Best Production Design Tara Belmont & Ava Forte Vitali for “The Professor's Lesson”

  • Best Actor Andy Sydor as Sig Daniels in “The Sig Daniels Show”

  • Best Cinematography Kyle Groff for “Styx & Stones”

  • Best Director Luke Norby for “Wa-Wa-Watch Dog”

  • Best Actress Brooke Carey as Beth in “There Will Be Nog”

  • Fan Favorite “Absolutionby Hoff Kilter

  • Best Film “Styx & Stonesby Effie Production

SFP 13: The Occult
Sprint 2016, June 16th

  • Best Picture TEAM for AVA

  • Fan Favorite Misfit Toys for Aww Boom Boom Kitty Kill

  • Best Director Sasha Iskra for AVA

  • Best Screenplay Emma Canalese, Christina Hurtado-Pierson, and Kevin Rogers for 13

  • Best Cinematography Andrew Trost for AVA

  • Best Editing Anthony Arfi and Tim Clark for 13 Clones

  • Best Actor Willaim Moses as Wonderer in Wonderings

  • Best Actress Ava Razon as Ava in AVA

  • Best Supporting Actor Daniel Clarkson as Narrator in 13

  • Best Supporting Actress Emily Duncan as Sherrie-Anne in Break A Leg

  • Best Original Score Mat Guido for Dragged In

  • Best Production Design Steven Greenstreet for Worm

  • Best Sound Design Benny Karas for Proof of Purchase

  • Best Costume Ashley Guckert for 13 Clones


SFP 12: Mythic Pitches
Spring 2015, June 11th Gala

  • Best Picture Sweet Cream Biscuit for Icarus Beyond

  • Fan Favorite Infinite Dreams for Janice and the Golden Fleece

  • Best Director Colby Moore for Icarus Beyond

  • Best Screenplay Jason Isolda & Andrew Proto for Sim-Hipster

  • Best Cinematography Wally Argueta for Curiosity

  • Best Editing Colby Moore for Icarus Beyond

  • Best Actor Brad Lee Thomason as Agent T in Blossom of Revenge

  • Best Actress Julia Renz as Jules in It Chitters

  • Best Supporting Actor Jason Yorke as Daedalus in Icarus Beyond

  • Best Supporting Actress Christine Scharf as Gladys in Blossom of Revenge

  • Best Original Score Matthew Snow for Eurydice And …

  • Best Sound Design Colby Moore for Icarus Beyond

  • Best Costume Niki Janowski for Icarus Beyond


SFP 11: Antiquated Laws
Spring 2014, June 5th Gala

  • Best Picture Thrift Store Panties for Space Guns

  • Fan Favorite Team DigiRanch for Beowoof

  • Best Director Thrift Store Panties for Space Guns

  • Best Screenplay Allison R. Marx for A Hipster Walks Into A Bar

  • Best Cinematography Adam Harley for The Fudgitive

  • Best Editing Stixxx D’Armiento & Frankie Pancakes for Space Guns

  • Best Actor Blake Rice in Unspoken

  • Best Actress Helen Cris as Prisoner No. 26950 in Touch

  • Best Supporting Actor John Stimac as The Count in Beowoof

  • Best Supporting Actress Rachel Grundy as Freddie in The Cost of Love

  • Best Original Score Eliza Coolidge for Space Guns

  • Best Sound Design Liam Le Guillou for A Hipster Walks Into A Bar

  • Best Costume Katherine Goerlich, Jennifer Suarez, Libby Rose, Katrina Sawhney for Sins Of Our Apocalypse